BetterCloud Opens Its First International Office In Mexico City



🇲🇽 Vaaamooosss BetterCloud Mexico!!! 🇲🇽

After more than 10 years with employees only in the US, BetterCloud officially opened its first international office on June 6, 2023, in the beautiful Mexico City, Mexico (CDMX). This is a big milestone for the market-leading SaaS Management Platform. BetterCloud Mexico – or BCMX as it is already known within the company – is a strategic initiative for BetterCloud in order to continue the acceleration of its product delivery and R&D capabilities. 

Why Mexico?

In the early fall of 2022, we embarked on a project to figure out where it would make sense for BetterCloud to open its first international office. This journey led us to analyze in detail multiple potential destinations. Mexico was a dark horse during much of this diligence but ultimately emerged as the preferred choice due to multiple significant reasons.

Mexico is an amazing country and CDMX undoubtedly is one of the most vibrant, diverse, growing and interesting cities in the world. But we are not opening there just because of the amazing food and architecture (which definitely helps). We are opening there mostly because of the amazing and diverse tech talent that is continuously growing and being nurtured both by homegrown companies such as Kavak, Clip or Konfio to name a few, and by big international players which are untapping the potential of this talent.

If you add to the high-quality talent the logistical advantages for a US-based company of having an office in Mexico, the choice becomes obvious. CDMX is either in EST or MST time zones depending on the time of the year and the trip from most main cities in the US does not take more than 5 hours. As we have said, the talent pool is very attractive and well prepared. Let’s keep in mind that CDMX’s main university (UNAM) is the largest in Latin America with over 350,000 students!

BCMX opens its doors with the clear goal to become an important and key tech employer in CDMX. Our office is located in Paseo de Reforma 333, at the heart of the city and right next to the famous Angel de la Independencia. 

Taking our first steps

It took us a few months to get all the legal, accounting and banking work done to be ready to operate independently in Mexico. We debated using a PEO-type partner to help us accelerate this timeline. Thanks to the wise advice from our Board, we quickly realized that if we wanted to be true to our culture and values we needed to do this by ourselves to ensure the BCMX employees were set for success and had a complete sense of belonging. 

Our recruiting team then got hard at work. Ana, Andres and Damian were our first three hires and started working for us on May 2. Rodrigo joined on May 19 to become our engineering leader for the office. We all collaborated to make the opening of the office the success that it was and are very happy that other BetterCloud leaders were able to join us to celebrate this accomplishment. 

We are currently hard at work to hire multiple engineering and product positions in order to build our first BCMX engineering teams. We are off to a great start and the team couldn’t be more motivated.

What makes BCMX special?

It is too early to say whether BCMX will be truly special but what’s clear is that all the signs indicate that it can be. The founding team is extremely passionate and proud of the work we are doing. Spending some time together, we quickly realized that our motto would be no other than Rafa Nadal’s famous war cry “Vaaaaamooooossss!!!!”

I was reflecting upon this and came to the conclusion – very likely biased by my Spanish origins – that Nadal is the perfect example for BCMX principles:

  • Be Bold and Resourceful: Nadal won Roland Garros in his debut at age 19. Talk about being bold!
  • Care about the past and embrace the future: Nadal has always respected the game of the legends that preceded him but has at the same time blazed towards the future by charting his own course.
  • Move fast: Does anybody move faster than him throwing balls back in a clay court?
  • X-factor: Nobody would have predicted that Nadal was going to win a (very-likely-unbeatable) record 14 Roland Garros on his way to 22 majors.

That’s the Vaaaamoooos spirit that BCMX is building. 

Vaaammooooos a por todo equipo!!!!


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