16 Best Bluehost Websites In 2022


We created a collection of the best Bluehost websites across multiple industries for your convenience.

From personal and business to eCommerce websites, we tried to cover them all so that everyone can use these as inspiration.

We highly recommend reviewing these before proceeding if you don’t know where to start.

Remember, these websites are all hosted on Bluehost but don’t necessarily use their website and online store building feature.

Luckily, you can create your online presence fast and effortlessly with Bluehost and their website builder (or a custom WordPress theme).

Enjoy the originality of all these examples first and create yours second.

Best Bluehost Websites Design Inspiration

1. Wes McDowell

wes mcdowell

Wes McDowell has an excellent online presence for his business, which every professional and freelancer can learn from.

While we are fans of minimalist websites, Wes’s is done with great care, even though a lot is going on on the home page.

Great scrolling experience with floating navigation to jump from page to page without scrolling back to the top.

Note: The bubbly animation above the fold is a great attention-grabber that makes a website stand out more.

2. Keiko Lynn

keiko lynn

Personal, lifestyle and DIY bloggers can gain new ideas from Keiko Lynn’s website. Her home page is a mixture of blog posts, items for sale, an Instagram feed, and more.

While Wes’s page is much more crowded, Keiko keeps things simple. The sticky navbar comes in handy because she has loads of stuff for you to browse. (And the drop-down makes finding something more specific easily.)

Note: The floating right sidebar social media icons are a great way for the reader to connect with the blogger. We like that she also added a search and an email icon.

3. Sneaker Politics

sneaker politics bluehost website example

Sneaker Politics is a fantastic Bluehost website example for everyone in the eCommerce space.

The large slider promotes special drops, while the rest of the home page pushes the latest products and featured posts.

It’s a simple front page that takes the customer to the right section without doing much searching.

Note: Use a slideshow for special drops, sales and everything else that needs additional shine, like Sneaker Politics.

4. FirstMile

firstmile bluehost website example

FirstMile is a somewhat basic Bluehost website at first glance, but you get treated with animations and effects once you start scrolling. (You may also be interested in our list of the best animation websites.)

But it all begins with a slider with images, texts and CTA (call-to-action) buttons.

Everything is big and bold, so potential clients can easily learn about FirstMile’s services.

Note: Make your services pop on your home page with contact details to negotiate quick business deals.

5. iSunshare


Modern software, tools and plugins tend to have very vibrant websites, like iSunshare. It’s an excellent website example with great attention to detail.

Tool’s benefits, testimonials and CTAs are strategically placed on the home page, with a smart question, “Why Choose iSunshare Software?”

Note: If you offer a downloadable item, make sure you use CTA buttons above the fold so you don’t lose a user.

6. Start Website Online

start website online

Start Website Online has a very strategic approach to promoting a free video course above the fold.

They also added the latest (educational) blog posts with links to join their Facebook group and top recommended tools.

Start Website Online shows how to use a website to share knowledge and help users build their goals.

Note: You can use the home page’s above-the-fold section to promote your course(s) with a CTA, so you don’t waste users’ time.

7. Leandro Ceder

leandro ceder bluehost website example

Whether you’re an artist, actor, athlete, musician, etc., let Leandro Ceder inspire you to create a simple website.

What’s cool is that Leandro also added an image slider and embedded videos to his project. And once the potential client warms up, boom, there’s contact detail to get in touch for a collab.

Note: Instead of relying on social media or LinkedIn, create a (simple) personal website to appear even more professional.

Also, check these great actor website designs for more ideas.

8. Ryan Sitton

ryan sitton bluehost website example

Ryan Sitton’s website is a great example of how you can create a strong first impression with a dark design.

His footer section is also cool with floating particles. And the sticky header doesn’t cause interruptions due to the 100% transparent background.

Note: Go dark mode if you want to do something different with your website.

9. Dot Com Women

dot com women bluehost website example

Dot Com Women is a nice representation of an online magazine website hosted on Bluehost.

It has a news ticker in the top bar, back to top button, a slider with (most popular?) posts and a floating menu with links to different categories.

While we’d reduce the ad number, Dot Com Women still creates a pleasant browsing and reading experience.

Note: You can imitate Dot Com Women’s approach to present different categories on the first page, which works great for magazine sites.

10. PWPonderings

pwponderings bluehost website example

PWPonderings is a modern niche news site about wrestling. They use a date and time with social media icons in the top bar and a news ticker and a latest posts slider below the header.

PWPonderings also has a widget that promotes Popular and Trending content in the right sidebar.

Note: You can use a news ticker to push the latest or trending posts as a news site.

11. Frontline Gaming

frontline gaming bluehost website example

Frontline Gaming is a simple blog-style website with enough white space to ensure great readability. It also features multiple widgets in the sidebar, including a promotional video.

But we also have many more gaming blog designs for you to check.

Note: Leverage the blog’s sidebar to promote content and online shop (similarly to Frontline Gaming).

12. WEN

wen bluehost website example

WEN is an online tools store with a modern design and smooth shopping experience, thanks to the responsive web design. We like how they use the above-the-fold section to promote hot deals and other popular collections, which you can strategically apply to your eCommerce website.

Note: The first few seconds matter the most, so ensure to trigger attention with special deals, great imagery and CTAs to increase conversions, like WEN.

13. Wigs For Kids

wigs for kids

Wigs For Kids is a superb charity website that places donors, volunteers, and more first.

The site has a modern and colorful design that’s easy to skim through when finding more information about their cause. Plus, they have a cool font resizer that makes the page more accessible.

Note: Even if you plan to use various content on your home page, make it more dynamic, which is exactly what Wigs For Kids does very well.

14. Freed’s Bakery

freeds bakery bluehost website example

Large and professional imagery of baked goods with smooth page scroll make Freed’s Bakery’s website very appetizing. The page also has a very original drop-down menu you don’t see daily.

Note: Ensure professional photography of cakes and bakes to water visitors’ mouths and get them on your side.

We also carefully curated the best bakery website design collection for additional inspiration.

15. Vlogger Gear

vlogger gear

Vlogger Gear is a modern blog with a home page that gives you an immediate impression of professionalism. They feature the most valuable content on the front page with a newsletter subscription at the bottom.

Note: Instead of using a blog as the home page, you can create a home page from where you link to different (most important) areas of your site/blog.

16. Skin + Joints

skin and joints

Skin + Joints’s website has a lot of white space and a bunch of animations for a more engaging browsing experience. The typewriter effect definitely spices things up.

They also feature their latest podcast episode on the home page so that everyone can easily find it.

Note: As a podcaster, include experts, the latest episode(s), links to platforms, and more on your front page. Make your site a promotional hub to grow your business.

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