18 Best Portfolio Website Examples For Inspiration 2022



Here you will find all the best portfolio websites for your inspiration. These websites use the latest design trends to impress potential business partners and clients.

Do you want to generate more leads? Do you wish to build your reputation online? Or perhaps you’d like to land on a job that suits your skills and capabilities. If you do, then an online portfolio will never fail to achieve your goals. So, browse these best portfolio websites and have a handful of inspiration to create yours exceptionally.

Typically, the portfolio is an excellent tool for career growth. It can effectively professionally showcase works and skills. Likewise, an online portfolio can help increase visibility and online presence. Thus, you get higher chances of getting hired, landing the most suitable job, unlocking more opportunities, or even standing out from the competition. So, a brand always opts for a portfolio as a valuable marketing scheme to improve brand awareness. Fortunately, various awesome themes and templates can help you build your portfolio in just a few clicks. On the other hand, you can outsource developers to build your website. Whichever course you take, having the best portfolio websites for inspiration won’t waste time.

In this wonderful collection, you can find awesome portfolio websites to explore, so you have plenty of features and web elements that will serve as motivation. With these portfolio websites’ clean, modern, and outstanding design, they’re surely a great resource to cherish. So, don’t miss this opportunity to shine in your highly competitive industry. Explore these best portfolio websites and discover the finest features you will ever acquire.

Best Portfolio Website Examples

1. Yasio


A portfolio is one of the best ways to showcase your work and build your brand. So, don’t ignore its power to improve your credibility. You will learn how brands put their best to stand out in these best portfolio websites. Yasio is a portfolio website of Jan Baszczok, a web/mobile developer and designer from Poland. This one-page portfolio is impressive with its intuitive and modern design. Specifically, it looks elegant and sleek with a black background and white typography.

Each section of the website reveals Jan.’s outstanding personality and works. Furthermore, the subtle animation it implements strongly enhances the look and feel of the website. The About section also adds creativity to the design by using the close-to-real text editor to exhibit his work experience, education, and skills.


2. Steven Mengin

Steven Mengin

An excellent portfolio is a great tool to share your expertise with prospective clients and employers. That’s why professionals should consider it a must-have for career growth. So, check out these best portfolio websites we’ve collected to inspire you. Steven Mengin is a Toronto-based French digital designer with an exceptional website design. The overall design is pretty simple but can impress the clients well. It also stands out with the integration of GSAP animation. The hero header welcomes the visitor with the designer’s name and an animated background. On his website, his projects are exhibited one at a time once the user scrolls. Then, each project displays quality imagery highlighted using a smooth slider.


3. Theib


When building your portfolio, you can browse these best portfolio websites to have ample ideas about making it more creative and innovative than traditional ones. Theib is here to provide an awe-inspiring website design for creative individuals. Theib is a French art director, interactive and motion designer who collaborates with global brands worldwide. The website design is unique and creative. It uses horizontal scrolling to exhibit his works using a nice slider. Specifically, it comes with the works page, reel, and about page. The website also utilizes an elegant-looking background with a sticky logo and menu. It doesn’t have many pages to show, but this portfolio can help build the reputation.


4. Victoire


Building a clean and nice-looking portfolio design gives the individual higher chances of getting better employment and awesome opportunities. So, we’ve handpicked these best portfolio websites to inspire creative individuals, agencies, and freelancers. Victoire is a French graphic designer living in Toronto. He specializes in UI/UX design & branding with a keen interest in typography. His website is a wonderful revelation of his personality. A clean, minimalist, and professional website is ready to create a good impression. The hero header welcomes the visitors with a super neat slider. Each project is exhibited with plenty of white space. That’s why the content always stands out.


5. Integrated Designs Inc

Integrated Designs Inc

If you’d like to increase online visibility and presence, you shouldn’t miss these best portfolio websites ready to provide you with stunning features and design ideas. Integrated Designs Inc is an architectural and engineering firm specializing in commercial, industrial, educational, and medical design. The website design is professional and cutting-edge. It implements the asymmetrical layout where web elements and content look modern and harmonious. The hero header uses a quality image background with headlines and CTA that overlaps it.

Moreover, the featured projects also appear stunning with a creative slider highlighting them individually. That’s not all! Video contents also add creativity to the design, sticky header, and off-canvas menu.


6. Square Me

Square Me

Professionals, agencies, freelancers, and artists should consider an online portfolio if they wish to stand out in their industries. So, as a simple guide, we’ve collected these best portfolio websites that will inspire them effectively. Square Me is a media production company that makes awesome video content for amazing brands. Its website is tailored with a contemporary design with useful web features to enhance its look and feel. The hero header alone can create an impressive presentation of the brand. Specifically, it introduces the brand with a split-screen layout. The left screen displays quality images using a slider while the other side exhibits a comprehensible headline, the logo of its clients, and a showreel in between. Check out other amazing features this website has.


7. MB Creative

MB Creative

With a bunch of the best portfolio websites on the web, you will surely have enough inspiration to delve into before you set-up yours. But to give you a handful of useful inspiration, we’ve collected these websites for you. MB Creative is an award-winning web design agency in Toronto that designs beautiful websites through strategy-driven design. Committed to its work, its website is awe-inspiring so prospective clients will learn how they value projects. Luckily, GSAP animation is also integrated to enhance its design. The hero header looks gorgeous with the stunning animation it manifests. Each project looks visually appealing with added subtle animations and visual hierarchy. It also uses a creative cursor design, added social media links, a nice off-canvas menu, and more.


8. Joao Verissimo

Joao Verissimo

Show off your work with style and get inspired by these best portfolio websites we’ve collected. Joao Verissimo is a motion and interaction designer who loves animation, Webflow development, and games. His website is tailored with relevant features and is aesthetically pleasing. Specifically, the hero header comes with a superb and charming design. The slider smoothly highlights various video content, headlines, and CTA on black background.

Furthermore, the following little section shows a short bio with black typography and a yellow background. What’s more? The services section also appears clean and minimalist with white space. Other outstanding features include an off-canvas menu, social media links, elegant footer, and more.


9. Digital Bro

Digital Bro

Promote your services on your portfolio website. You can examine these best portfolio websites if you don’t know how to start your project. Digital Bro creates and innovates companies through branding, web design, and software development. It transforms brands and grows business through UI/UX, prototyping, and digital experiences. It has a professional, modern, and fully responsive design. Equipped with practical web elements, clutter-free layout, visual hierarchy, and white space. Specifically, the website professionally displays the projects. Each of the projects has a big and quality thumbnail and clear typography. It also uses sleek line icons to represent services. Moreover, the Instagram feed also looks enticing and neat too.


10. Ben Darby

Ben Darby

Ben Darby is a product designer from the UK. He helps companies deliver beautiful, intuitive online experiences through solid research, thoughtful design, and accessible code. His website is a great tool to boost his career as a product designer. Tailored to improve its online presence, it showcases its work nicely and neatly. The homepage has a super simple design with minimal web components added. It features a full-screen layout with a headline, a short introduction, CTA, an off-canvas menu, and a stunning contact form. Furthermore, the works page has a clutter-free layout with big thumbnails. Each project manifests a visual hierarchy, so content is easier to comprehend.


11. Superlab


A strong web presence is a must-have for brands. This way, products, and services are easier to promote, and possibilities are high. Here are many of the best portfolio websites to guide your projects. Superlab is a digital design studio that shapes and designs brands, products, and services through strategic, creative, and technological skills. Its website clearly presents visual hierarchy where the web components are arranged according to importance.

Moreover, it uses consistent geometric shapes all over the website. It also has a nice logo that can enhance branding. The latest works also appear great with the background of thumbnails and vibrant geometric shapes.


12. Every Day

Every Day

Find the best portfolio websites to cherish as inspiration for your next projects in this wonderful collection. Every Day is a creative digital agency that typically wants to prove everyday. With this ambitious, energetic and result-oriented team, they always wanted to develop brands, help companies grow through their creativity, strategy, design and technology. The hero header looks gorgeous and charming with plain white typography on a black background. Aside from that, the video is added on it to introduce the brand more fully as well as the social media links, and contacts. Below that section is an awesome image of the firm with logos of its clients below the image arrayed via a slider. Similarly, a sleek slider is also used to displays some of the featured stories/works.


13. Charlie Horner Design

Charlie Horner Design

Digital or creative agencies are not just outstanding professions that need portfolios. Interior designers must also have an online portfolio to showcase their amazing works. Charlie Horner is an interior designer with one of the best portfolio websites that can inspire creativity. As an interior designer, websites must correspond to your clients’ quality of services. Well, with this website, the design surely complements its works. Specifically, the homepage showcases some of its featured works via slider through a full-screen layout.


14. Strakzat


Strakzat is a digital agency from Rotterdam offering design and development to create meaningful digital products and interactive experiences that work. Being part of these best portfolio websites, Strakzat has outstanding features worth checking for inspiration. It welcomes the audience with a bold headline, clear CTAs, an exceptional logo with a black background. Apart from that, the video integration adds charm to the brand as it introduces its services seamlessly. Other features added to the homepage are the clutter-free blog section, testimonials via nice slider, social media icons, and visual hierarchy. Meanwhile, the portfolio page uses a nice gallery to showcase the different works. Specifically, users can filter those projects via startup, eCommerce, web, mobile and corporate.


15. Michael Langley Architecture (MLA)

Michael Langley Architecture (MLA)

Michael Langley Architecture is an architectural design studio that offers services across residential, conservation and commercial architecture sectors. The hero header exhibits various works through a slider. A simple introductory section also adds appeal to the design. Hence, prospective clients will have ample ideas about how this brand works. That’s not all! Similar projects are also added on the homepage clearly and attractive with another awesome slider. Thanks to the power of GSAP animation, adding subtle but gorgeous animations is possible. Other notable elements include an off-canvas menu, social media icons, simple newsletter subscriptions, and more.


16. JB Kaloya

JB Kaloya

JB Kaloya is an entrepreneur, graphic designer, and web/mobile developer based in Paris. His website looks simple and minimalist but can represent its brand across the web. The homepage is packed with useful web elements ready to impress potential clients. The hero header is a nice introduction to his profession, including his photo, clear CTAs, enticing headlines, and white space. With the integration of GSAP animation, the web elements look grandeur with a nice animation. The services sections also look stunning with a simple layout, while the portfolio section surely enhances the website’s design through a filterable gallery.


17. Majestyk Apps

Majestyk Apps

Majestyk Apps is one of the best portfolio websites to examine for upcoming projects. It is a New York-based digital product studio creating a better everyday life through exceptional digital experiences. It has a unique and creative website design perfect to use as inspiration. Like other awesome websites in this list, you can also find a captivating hero header with a creative logo, compelling headline, descriptive CTA, and a brand photo. The credibility they’ve acquired in their expertise is exhibited using a timeline layout.


18. Diplo Studio

Diplo Studio

Diplo Studio is a graphic and digital design agency with a superb portfolio website design. The homepage has stunning features and web elements to yield amazing results. Specifically, the hero scene displays a showreel that introduces the brand well, a simple headline, social media icons, and an off-canvas menu. The expertise is also exhibited with style and innovation, thanks to the exceptional GSAP animation. While those web elements are excellent, the work’s sections also appeal to the design with its subtle animation. Moreover, the news, Instagram feed, and other elements charm the design. Check them out!


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