19 Best Wedding Websites (Examples) 2024


Are you ready to check multiple examples of great wedding websites?

It’s been tough picking only nineteen because so many have excellent designs.

From wedding planners and photographers to couples sites, you can review them all to gain inspiration for your web project.

One of the trends that many wedding pages follow is a light design with white space, which contributes to a better user experience.

What you can do for your page is either opt for a wedding website builder or a WordPress wedding theme.

Let’s go!

Best Wedding Websites And Examples

1. Weddings By Lisa Nicole

Built with: Squarespace

weddings by lisa nicole service website

Weddings By Lisa Nicole is a stunning and minimalist website with text sandwiched between two clean sliders (that don’t feel like sliders).

The website also has only the header area with navigation and no footer, which is very untraditional.

Moreover, the internal pages come with more gorgeous content, testimonials, services and a contact form, to name a few.

Note: Keep your wedding website clean and simple, emphasizing content and services (and testimonials.)

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2. Sarah & Stephen

Built with: Wix

sarah and stephen wedding website

Sarah & Stephen is a great example of a one-page website with a large hero section with text and transparent vertical navigation, which floats.

One of the coolest features of Sarah & Stephen is the quiz that everyone can take – to see how well they know Sarah & Stephen.

There’s also a slider, a video background element and links to presents.

Note: Make your website a lot more engaging by adding a quiz.

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3. Alison Bryan

Built with: Squarespace

alison bryan wedding website

Alison Bryan’s website makes a delightful presentation of images, services and testimonials that potential clients can browse.

The floating header features left and right links with a centered logo that transforms into a cool animation when you start scrolling.

Also, Alison Bryan shows all the press mentions on the individual page, which is something everyone would be proud of.

Note: Create a separate page just for the press mentions if you have many.

4. Jess & Chris

Built with: Webflow

jess and chris wedding website

Jess & Chris took a very cute and cartoonish approach for their hero section instead of being on the more serious side with a real image of them.

The header only appears when you start scrolling, which keeps the hero area spotless.

The floating navigation is handy because the page is pretty long, allowing you to jump from section to section more comfortably.

Note: Use a sticky menu to guide your visitors through your single-page layout, so they don’t need to scroll.

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5. Bridal Bliss

Built with: Squarespace

bridal bliss wedding website

After Bridal Bliss’s wedding website loads, you see a minimalist header and a massive slideshow.

One of the better features of this page is the section with logos from various authorities to build social proof.

And the parallax background to promote their contact page definitely grabs the attention.

Note: Use authorities’ logos on your website as a reference to show your popularity.

6. Engaged & Inspired

Built with: Squarespace

engaged and inspired wedding website

Engaged & Inspired’s home page consists of a grid that features twelve of their past wedding events. Each grid element is clickable, leading you to the event’s page with more information and many images.

This wedding website uses a white background for the header, base and footer parts. The only thing that separates the header and footer from the main part of the site is a thin line.

Note: Create a portfolio of your wedding events, so potential clients can see what to expect from your amazing services.

7. Kristen Noelle

Built with: Gatsby

kristen noelle wedding website

Kristen Noelle ensures that her wedding images do most of the talking when you browse her page. And where’s text, she uses enough white space to make it more readable.

One great section that grabbed our attention is testimonials, which opens each client’s feedback in a popup with text and an image.

Note: Introduce client testimonials to build trust in your services.

We also have a collection of great wedding photography websites to get more ideas.

8. Mango Studios

Built with: Pronto Theme

mango studios wedding website

Mango Studios features a large hero image with a logo and a call-to-action (CTA) button. There’s no header, only a top bar with a link to the availability calendar and a clickable phone number.

Like Jess & Chris’s website, the header/menu sticks to the top of the screen once you pass the hero area.

This wedding website is light with various types of content (including an Instagram feed) for enjoyable browsing.

Note: If you prefer speaking to clients via phone, ensure your number is clickable and always visible.

9. The Arroyos

Built with: Pronto Theme

the arroyos wedding website

The Arroyos goes straight to showcasing some of the best images with a lightbox portfolio that you can play and pause.

The home page also has an embedded video, a simplistic footer and a compelling “about us” section.

Note: Place your amazing works first and all the rest second. Let your projects promote your business and services.

10. Piper & Muse

Built with: Squarespace

piper and muse wedding website

What’s special about Piper & Muse are the multiple parallax background sections that make browsing a pleasant experience.

The white background, text, icons, images and CTAs keep the visitor engaged and ready to take action.

Note: Add depth to your wedding website with the catchy parallax effect.

Here are more Squarespace wedding website examples made by first-time website owners.

11. Jenna Brisson

Built with: Showit

jenna brisson wedding website

Jenna Brisson’s page starts with a cool slider, logo overlay, and a bottom header/menu section.

The next section is the introduction/about me part, followed by the latest blog posts and an awesome client testimonial slider.

Moreover, the footer section is enriched with a cool IG feed, social icons, navigation and a back-to-top button.

Note: Instead of using a header at the top of the screen, use it at the bottom and let the content be the first thing your visitors see.

12. Ryan Flynn

Built with: Squarespace

ryan flynn wedding website

Ryan Flynn’s full-width slider is all you want to check thrice because it’s a collage of terrific imagery without text and CTAs. Also, the header (with a drop-down menu) is minimal, on a white background, so it doesn’t cause any distraction.

Below the slideshow is a grid of images with links to various categories, where you can check more of his work.

Note: Keep the slider clean with images only and skip adding text and buttons for a better viewing experience.

13. Weddings By Shannon

Built with: Wix

weddings by shannon website

Weddings By Shannon’s heavy image-focused home page creates a pleasant atmosphere that gives you all the reasons to consider her services.

The portfolio features the lightbox effect, opening the image in a popup and turning the rest of the website white for a more intimate experience.

This wedding website features a live chat, but other content details are also available.

Note: A live chat function can be a great addition to your website for turning more visitors into clients.

14. Mirjam Wilde

Built with: Jimdo

mirjam wilde wedding website

Mirjam Wilde has a clean website design with a slideshow and a floating header. You can easily access other page sections at any time with the always-present drop-down menu.

The bottom of this wedding website has logos (with links) to some of the websites and magazines that mentioned her work as a reference.

Note: A drop-down menu is great if you have multiple pages and categories but would like to keep the navbar cleaner.

15. KC Events

Built with: Wix

kc events wedding website

KC Events is a one-page wedding website with a menu that takes you to different sections without scrolling. And there’s a back-to-top button at the bottom, so you don’t have to scroll to the top.

KC Events includes multiple certificates of various awards, which are great indicators of the quality of work.

Note: Let certificates and badges vouch for your high-quality services/products.

16. Blush + Bowties

Built with: Squarespace

blush bowties wedding website

Blush + Bowties gives a luxurious feel with its large parallax background sections and little text.

The header is the most minimalist of all the wedding websites we collected for this list. It only has a logo on the left and a hamburger menu icon on the right, so all the focus is on the image. But the footer isn’t far off, keeping a similar yet not as fine look.

Note: If you want your hero section to be the most shining, make the header feel nonexistent and boost UX.

17. A Day To Cherish

Built with: Squarespace

a day to cherish wedding website

Do you want to create a simple wedding website but don’t know how to approach its design? A Day To Cherish is the perfect example of doing it correctly.

The home page features a header and a footer that sandwich a slideshow – and that’s it.

A drop-down menu also takes you to other page sections with an awesome portfolio that goes very detailed with each event’s image presentation.

Note: If you’re unsure about what web design approach to take, have one thing in mind: Keep it simple.

18. Nicole George

Built with: Squarespace

nicole george wedding website

Nicole George has one of the most image-heavy home pages we’ve seen while curating this collection of the best wedding websites.

It features a top bar notification that you can close, large parallax image elements and an IG feed just before the footer starts.

The header includes a drop-down menu for finding more information much easier because there’s no search bar.

Note: Encourage visitors to follow you on Instagram with a website feed.

19. Flawless Weddings & Events

Built with: GoDaddy Website Builder

flawless weddings and events website

Flawless Weddings & Events is a single-page style wedding website without navigation, which isn’t something we’re used to seeing too often.

The page is divided into multiple sections to present the team, the work, the services, etc.

And what’s very interesting about Flawless Weddings & Events is the blog section that’s towards the end of the website.

Note: Don’t forget a blog can be a great marketing strategy to build and grow your business to the next level.

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