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Editor’s note: Veranika explains what enterprise help desk software is, its main features and why it is worth for enterprises to consider implementing help desk software. If you are interested in outsourced help desk support, feel free to check ScienceSoft’s IT help desk outsourcing offering.

Benefits of enterprise help desk software

When companies appear on the market, it may be sufficient for help desk agents to resolve employees’ (internal help desk) and customers’ (external help desk) issues via phone and email. As organizations grow, help desk specialists are not able to handle a huge number of incoming requests and offer quality technical support. That’s why the help desk software market is rapidly developing and is predicted to reach $11 billion by 2023.

Help desk software provides your agents with assistance in accepting, tracking, and resolving enterprise IT support requests and helps ensure efficient enterprise service management. Such software may come in different forms, varying from standalone ticketing applications to help desk automation platforms and comprehensive IT service management solutions.

The key features of enterprise help desk software include:

  • Ticket management – automatically converting incoming emails, calls, messages into support tickets. Tickets are automatically assigned to relevant agents according to predefined rules.
  • Omni-channel support – for your agents to communicate with employees and customers via multiple channels like email, SMS, social networks, etc.
  • A portal for help desk agents – for agents to check a knowledge base with the answers to employees’ or customers’ common questions and collaborate with colleagues on issue resolution.
  • A self-service portal for customers or employees – a convenient space for customers or employees to find answers to simple questions on their own.
  • Chatbots – creating a chatbot with natural language processing capabilities to resolve common issues without a human agent’s intervention.
  • Analytics – gathering customers’ or employees’ feedback to measure CSAT, Resolution Rate, etc.

Consider Establishing Enterprise Service Desk?

ScienceSoft’s team can organize and run a structured help desk for your enterprise and support your help desk workflows with fitting software.

#1 Improved agents’ productivity

Automation of repetitive tasks for enterprise help desk agents (ticket registering, escalation, etc.) enables your agents to focus on issue resolution and close more tickets faster.

#2 Faster issue resolution

Enterprise help desk software facilitates knowledge sharing and powers automated resolution workflows, which helps accelerate average resolution time. Enterprise help desk software can unite agents and IT specialists working in your company’s different offices, even around the globe.

#3 Enhanced employee satisfaction and customer retention

Both customers and employees want their tech support to be as quick and efficient as possible. An enterprise ticketing system ensures that all the tickets are automatically created and routed to relevant agents and that agents are notified when a ticket arrives, which minimizes the chances of a ticket being lost. Besides, support managers can monitor the progress of tickets in real-time and make sure that customers or employees are informed about their tickets’ statuses.

Your next step in establishing help desk for your enterprise

Help desk software can streamline enterprise-scale ticket management and help avoid communication gaps between agents of different departments and even offices, as well as between agents and employees or customers. If you want to establish an effective help desk and support it with specialized software tailored to your enterprise needs, reach out to ScienceSoft’s team.

Help Desk Outsourcing Services by ScienceSoft

With 14 years in application support, we offer multi-tiered IT support for your enterprise applications or your software products and their users with minimum involvement from your side.


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