How to Set up VPN on your Verizon router in USA?



If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your internet connection, the way to go is to set up VPN on your Verizon router in USA. Whether it’s for working remotely with ease, keeping your data safe from prying eyes, or simply enjoying more peace of mind during online activities with a reliable VPN— it is essential to set up Premium VPN like ExpressVPN on your Verizon Router to stay secure in today’s digital world.

But how do you enable a VPN on Verizon? If you have everything that you need, it is not too hard to set up VPN on your Verizon router. Moreover, you can also access geo-restricted channels and sites with ease. A VPN can change your IP address and allow you to view content that is only available in the US.

Here we’ll be taking a look at all the steps involved in setting up VPN on your Verizon router, how to use Verizon router VPN, and what options are available so that by the end of it you can rest assured knowing your network traffic will remain protected!

Set up VPN on your Verizon Router in USA– [Quick Overview]

A quick overview of the full process is as follows:

  • Firstly select your VPN provider and create an account. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its reliable connection and features such as split tunneling.
  • After that, configure the Verizon router.
  • Then, connect to your selected VPN location.
  • How To Install a VPN on Verizon Router in USA? Step By Step Guide

    To install VPN on Verizon router, follow the below-given steps:

  • Buy a Separate VPN Router:
  • Once you get the VPN router, you will need to access the VPN provider’s website to configure it. Ensure that it is placed behind your router. In case you already have another router, you will need to add it as a secondary router.

  • Download The Firmware:
  • The next step is to download the firmware from the VPN provider, which will be compatible with your router. To install a VPN, you first need to download the settings from the VPN website. On the website, you will need to select your router model from the menu. Afterward, download the firmware when you select Verizon Fios settings. Please do not close the browser as you will need the activation code to set up the VPN later.

  • Setup Your Router:
  • Once the firmware has been installed. It will be necessary for you to log into your router and make a few adjustments. You will typically need to enter your IP address into the browser to make the necessary changes.

  • Where To Find Your Router:
  • Depending on your device, you can find your IP address in the network settings or on the router itself. On a Windows device, you can find your IP address by going to the settings, clicking the network name, and then clicking details.

    Your IP address can be found there. To see your IP address on macOS X, go to System Preferences, then Network, and click on the advanced settings. In a similar way, Linux would work. The IP address can be found just below the Gateway after clicking on the network icon and selecting network settings.

  • Sign Up and Go to PPTP or VPN Settings:
  • After entering your IP address into the browser, you will be taken to Verizon’s official website, where you can sign up and configure PPTP or VPN. In order to use encryption, you will need to enable the option and set your password.

    In addition, MPPE Encryption and Broadcast Support need to be selected. This can be done by opening ‘more about VPN,’ selecting ‘both’ in the field ‘Broadcast Support,’ then enabling encryption and setting your login and password.

  • Click On Get Started and Follow The Instructions:
  • Once you’ve adjusted your router, you’ll be directed to the VPN provider’s website. If the link doesn’t appear, go directly to the VPN provider’s website. Simply click the Get Started button and follow the instructions. The VPN will be connected to your router once the settings have been completed.

    ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Install on Verizon Routers in USA (Our Recommendation)


    Key Features:

    • Features 3000 servers with 29+ server locations in the US alone.
    • Able to provide a downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps on a connection of 100 Mbps.
    • Allows five connections simultaneously.
    • Unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming or browsing experience.
    • DDoS protection.

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN to install on your Verizon router in USA due to its reliable connection and strong security features. It offers the best features, such as split tunneling for browsing certain websites or streaming content with high speeds, and DDoS protection for extra security. With ExpressVPN, you can get access to various US servers to unblock your favorite streaming services. ExpressVPN has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands which means they are not subject to data retention laws.

    While doing the testing of ExpressVPN, we set up the VPN on the router and connected it to the US servers. The setup process was very smooth and straightforward. After connecting with US-based servers, we did different experiments like accessing and streaming some geo-restricted channels like Netflix and HBO Max and the results were amazing.


    After that, we decided to conduct an ExpressVPN speed test in USA , Our ExpressVPN connection delivered 89.42 Mbps download speed and 84.64 Mbps upload speed on a 100 Mbps connection and this was quite impressive. It means that you can do activities like streaming or gaming without facing any lagging issues with this fastest VPN.


    With the vast network of ExpressVPN, accessing geo-restricted channels like Netflix and Hulu is much easier. We tried different US-based streaming channels like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Tencent Video and they all worked perfectly fine.

    ExpressVPN allows you to use it on a variety of devices and platforms. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. Moreover, it also supports different routers such as ExpressVPN for Tomato routers, , Netgear and Linksys router with ExpressVPN in USA . It also has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox for easy access and protection.

    The security features of ExpressVPN are top-class. It offers AES 256-bit encryption that can protect your data from hackers and other malicious activities. It also has a strict no-logs policy which means that your online activity is completely secure and private. ExpressVPN also supports various protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, and PPTP. With its built-in kill switch, you can make sure that your data is safe even if the connection drops suddenly.

    The pricing plans of ExpressVPN are also quite affordable. It starts from $6.67/mo (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan) and you can also opt for its monthly subscription at $12.95 per month. All of these plans come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Moreover, you can also avail of ExpressVPN’s free trial in USA of 7 days on the mobile version. You can also ExpressVPN has 24/7 customer support which is always ready to help you with any queries or issues related to the VPN.

    Check out our detailed ExpressVPN review in USA if you’d like to find out more about this impressive VPN service. In addition, we’ve written guides on the best VPN for routers to assist you.


    • 3000 servers with 1121 US-based servers
    • 89.42 Mbps downloading speed on a connection of 100 Mbps
    • Five simultaneous connections
    • Uninterrupted streaming and browsing experience due to unlimited bandwidth
    • DDoS protection for extra security
    • Split tunneling for accessing certain websites or streaming content faster


    • The price is slightly on the higher side.
    Get ExpressVPN Now!in USA30-day money-back guarantee

    FAQs – Verizon Router VPN Server Setup Guide in USA

    Yes, you can easily set up a VPN on a Verizon Fios router. You just need to download the VPN app, configure your Verizon router and select your desired location, After that, you’re ready to go.

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Verizon Fios as it provides a smooth, secure, and fast connection with its 3000 servers. Moreover, it also offers advanced security features like AES 256-bit encryption and a built-in kill switch for extra protection.

    Yes, you can use a free VPN with a Verizon router, but we highly recommend you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN as it provides better speed, security, and privacy. Free VPNs or cheap VPN services are usually slow, unreliable, and don’t offer the same level of protection.


    It is necessary to protect your data while using the internet and VPN is the best solution you can use to secure your online activities. After reading this useful guide, we hope that you now have a proper understanding of how to connect Verizon Router with a VPN in USA.

    Furthermore, from a lot of VPNs available in the market, we highly recommend you use ExpressVPN to set up VPN on your Verizon Router.

    ExpressVPN offers a fast, secure, and reliable connection with its 3000 servers and advanced security features such as AES 256-bit encryption. So, why wait? Get ExpressVPN now and enjoy a secure browsing experience!


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