How Well How Well Do You Know Your SaaSOps Environment?



As an IT pro, you’ve no doubt embraced SaaSOps, put security policies in place to protect your organization’s data, streamlined operations, and freed up time spent on tedious activities, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives that move the business forward.

But how do you measure the ROI on your SaaSOps environment? How many hours have you saved automating tedious tasks related to onboarding and offboarding? How many automations are you running quarter over quarter? How many files in your environment may still be exposed, despite what seems like a comprehensive security posture?

The BetterCloud Benchmarking Assessment can help. 

Our customized assessment enables customers to gain deep and actionable insights into their SaaSOps environments. The assessment unlocks two main categories of insights:

  • How your SaaSOps practice is performing both individually and compared to industry peers
  • Visibility into what security vulnerabilities still exist to minimize risk to your organization

Understanding your SaaSOps environment

Every SaaSOps environment supports a different set of business needs and can vary based on organization size, industry, and company goals. A Benchmarking Assessment can give you unique visibility into apps, users, files, and workflows being managed by BetterCloud customized to your environment, including:

  • Workflow execution analysis
  • Workflow action execution status
  • Volume of workflows executed over time
  • How much time IT automation is saving you by category (such as onboarding, offboarding, and ULM)
  • How users are managed across all of your SaaS applications

These unique data points can help your IT organization understand where it needs to focus its time and resources, and where there may be opportunities to automate more IT tasks. Gaining this level of visibility into your SaaSOps gives you a full picture of how effectively your IT organization is serving the company. These data points can also be aggregated to help you compare to peer organizations, which can help you understand which best practices you have in place and what areas need to be improved so that your IT team can achieve maximum efficiency and security.

Minimizing risk

Securing an organization’s environment, including its SaaS apps and files, is always an IT priority. Whether you’re working with a dedicated security team or on your own, understanding the vulnerabilities of every app and file is a constant struggle. BetterCloud’s Benchmarking Assessment can help any IT team wrap its arms around exposure to threats at any moment. Not only can the assessment help you understand user access to applications and files, but it can also provide data around risks or potential risks, like the number of files shared externally, files that could have external exposure with keywords like “confidential” or “payment information,” and files that are shared with personal email domains.

Understanding these risks, along with which departments might be associated with these vulnerabilities, allows IT teams to measure their true security posture and employee compliance. Minimizing risks like these can ensure data security and get IT the coveted seat at the table as a true strategic business partner, rather than a tactical department who remedies tickets.

BetterCloud’s Benchmarking Assessment is a great first step in gaining actionable insights into your SaaSOps environment, streamlining IT operations and efficiency, and protecting your organization’s files and data. If you’re already a BetterCloud customer, reach out to your account team for a no-cost Benchmarking Assessment today. 

Not a BetterCloud customer yet? See how BetterCloud’s category-defining SaaSOps platform and the Benchmarking Assessment can help you transform your employee experience, centralize data protection, and maximize operational efficiency today.


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