Meet the Enhanced Workday Integration



Back in May, we announced the addition of our full integration with Workday. It was one of our most anticipated additions to our Integration Center and continued to strengthen BetterCloud’s ability to support fully automated onboarding, offboarding, and ULM for our customers.

Today, we are excited to share the new triggers and conditions now available with the Workday integration. Here’s a (somewhat) quick rundown.

  • Supervisory Organization. You can use this trigger to kick off a workflow that ensures employees have all the resources, calendars, and folders they need when their supervisory org (department) changes in Workday.
  • Manager Email. For a mid-lifecycle change, when an employee’s manager changes, that employee’s profile needs to be updated to note the new manager. It’s important for profile data to be up to date and accurate, so all other workflows are executing successfully in a timely manner.  
  • In the case of an offboarding situation, if an employee leaves the organization, it’s common to transfer all files to the employee’s manager. Ensuring the correct manager gets the file transfer is critical to maintaining network security and an orderly transition.
  • Location (Office Location). This condition and trigger specifically indicates an employee’s office location. This can help with targeted communication, setting time zone expectations, and other location-specific information.
  • User Type. This can help label whether an employee is part or full time, ensuring they have proper access to benefits, apps, employee resources, etc.
  • Cost Center. Cost centers can be organized independently from departments or supervisory orgs. This addition allows IT admins to trigger workflows based on this type of organization, in addition to or instead of a traditional department structure.

We are excited to empower our customers to build more granular workflows, automating onboarding, offboarding, and mid-lifecycle changes to ensure the best possible employee experience and network security.


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