Product Tip Tuesday: Workflow Manager Grid Enhancements



We are excited to introduce a new series of enhancements to the Workflow Manager grid within BetterCloud. The new grid is designed to make navigating and maintaining the automation of your repetitive SaaS management tasks easier and more intuitive by streamlining workflow search and management processes. Keep reading to learn what’s new and how you can use these updates today to more easily automate your SaaS management tasks.

The new search bar in Workflow Manager introduces a powerful tool for effortlessly finding workflows based on the workflow owner’s name or specific keywords in workflow titles.

The new search bar simplifies the process of finding workflows, saves time managing workflows, and enhances collaboration among team members by enabling them to discover workflows owned by specific individuals or containing particular keywords. This promotes knowledge sharing and teamwork, as team members can readily access and leverage existing workflows, accelerating project timelines.

Opening “View Workflow” and “Clone Workflow” in New Tabs

Another exciting addition to the Workflow Manager Grid is the ability to effortlessly open the “View Workflow” and “Clone Workflow” options in a new tab by using the control-click (Windows) or command-click (Mac) functionality. This is designed to increase the usability of the Workflow Manager Grid, particularly when managing extensive lists of workflows at any given time.

With the new enhancements, you can easily explore the details and contents of a specific workflow without losing your current context and save time cloning new workflows to modify and adapt your automations as your business processes change.

These new enhancements are just the beginning of exciting updates to BetterCloud’s workflow functionality so log in today and check out the newly enhanced Workflow Manager grid!


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