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Editor’s note: Vladimir describes the value of recruitment software for HR teams and overviews popular recruiting products. If you need assistance in choosing the best-fitting recruiting software or implementing a custom solution fully tailored to your needs, feel free to turn to ScienceSoft’s team for software development services.

Recruiting software helps HR teams fill job openings more efficiently. More specifically, organizations can use this software for talent recruiting, including posting jobs, automating candidate search, and reducing tons of related administrative work. Recruiting software may also help recruiters aggregate and organize job applications from disparate sources to simplify further selection process. Most recruitment systems also cover applicant tracking capabilities.

Recruitment management software

The core benefits of recruitment software include:

  • Time saving. Recruitment software offers organizing, tagging, filtering, and searching of candidate records, which simplifies the review of short-listed candidates. Besides, the software enables efficient collaboration between different teams and departments involved in candidate sourcing, screening, and decision-making, without lengthy email exchanges and shared spreadsheets. Naturally, the quicker the recruitment process is the lower is the risk of losing the perfect candidate.
  • Recruitment process automation. Due to automation, an organization can post jobs across multiple channels in a few clicks. All incoming applications can be funneled into a centralized platform and categorized by skills, education, experience, language proficiency, etc. Also, a recruiting system can automatically respond or disqualify candidates based on their pre-screening questionnaire responses.
  • Cost optimization. Recruiting software help reduce the time spent by HR teams on routine tasks, which results in faster hiring. For example, it can help with screening resumes and profiles and scheduling interviews with candidates.

Need an Effective Recruitment Solution?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to help you choose and customize a recruiting tool or build a custom solution fully tailored to the needs of your business.

The hires software market offers numerous open source and commercial tools for various companies from a small business to an enterprise. Below, we enlist top commercial recruiting products.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Overview: Greenhouse Recruiting is a hiring software suite with applicant tracking and onboarding features.

Highlights: It provides integration capabilities with LinkedIn and other job boards as well as e-signing tools.

Limitations: No advanced search by candidate location. No custom reporting.

Pricing: Pricing is based on the hiring needs and corresponding package (Essential, Advanced, or Expert).

Breezy HR

Overview: Breezy HR is a cloud-based solution that provides applicant sourcing and tracking, resume parsing, automated interview scheduling, reference checking, and more.

Highlights: It integrates with popular human resource information systems (e.g., BambooHR, ClickBoarding, Deputy, Gusto, Zenefits), calendars (e.g., Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar), email services (e.g., Gmail, Outlook), and more.

Limitations: No custom reporting.

Pricing: Pricing plans start at $143 user/month. Free trial is available.


Overview: JazzHR is recruitment management software that offers AI-based candidate search, job requisition management, integration with other HR software, and more.

Highlights: JazzHR has no user limits. The software provides features like candidate background checks, video interview recording, detailed candidate assessment and analytics, and more.

Limitations: No mobile version. No direct communication with other recruitment companies, which makes it difficult to verify new applicants’ background.

Pricing: Pricing plans start at $39/month. Free trial is available.

Implement recruitment software with expert help

If you see the need to implement recruitment software, the next step is to identify the right product. Our team is ready to help you select the best-fitting recruitment software for your business needs, or implement a custom solution. Feel free to contact ScienceSoft’s development team to discuss your project.

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