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Running a web hosting business can get tricky. You might be amazing at running servers and working with people, but really stink at keeping good customer records. This is where web host billing software comes in. It helps keep track of customers and allows for the most common options to be done to the customer’s account. Things like add/remove a website with a single click or automate the process. We made a pretty thorough list as of 2022 on the most popular web host billing software options available. All take online payments, have ways to automate the sign up process for new customers, any many other very helpful web hosting tasks.

These are listed in popularity:

  • WHMCSWHMCS is the leading all-in-one client management, billing, and automation platform specially created for web hosting providers. It offers one of the best automating interfaces, therefore saving you a tremendous amount of money as well as time. It’s also managed by people that work at cPanel, so it’s safe to say they’re good at their job and it will work with cPanel very well.

    Estimated Price: $40/month

  • BlestaBlesta is a popular billing platform for web hosting companies. Just as WHMCS, Blesta is also quite developer-friendly. Besides, it has a client management feature that allows the software to provide a brief overview of the customer along with the details of the payment. It’s a more minimalistic design and easier to use than the other options.

    Estimated Price: $13/month

  • BoxBillingBoxBilling is a 100% open-source and robust billing system that is powerful and simple at the same time. One of the primary features has to be its security. Often times users tend to feel a tad insecure about payment processing as many errors can occur without so much as a warning. Box Billing keeps all billing front and center for easy management and review.

    Estimated Price: $Free and 100% open source

  • HostBillHostBill is yet another great option if you’re looking for premium billing and automation software for your web hosting business. HostBill is especially efficient for those companies which are looking to expand their clientele overseas as it has multilingual support.

    Estimated Price: $600/one time

  • ClientExecClientExec is one of the most well-known companies that offer top-class automation services to web hosting providers. Not just billing, ClientExec manages everything from scratch including the invoicing, support, integration with plug-ins, automated domain registrations, setting hosting accounts, and a lot more.

    Estimated Price: $12/a month

  • UbersmithUbersmith is another superior billing platform that takes automation capacity to the next level. It supports multiple currencies so if you’re doing business overseas, you no longer need to convert payment after the purchase has been made. The order and payment processing is highly intuitive; also, it is quick and convenient for the customer. It is also by far the most expensive option.

    Estimated Price: $500/a month

  • Which one is best? It’s hard to say, but if you’re new to web hosting or only have a shared web hosting plan for the software to be on, we suggest Blesta or Box Billing. They’re the lowest price and easiest to use.

    If you have the money and power with your web hosting plan, VPS, or a dedicated server, we suggest WHMCS. Just read the terms closely, cPanel and WHMCS are both very money driven companies and will keep finding ways to squeeze money out of their clients. But they do provide a premium service.


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