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The biggest issue with moving domain registration from one register to another is preparation. If you know exactly what to do and how to prepare for the domain transfer it can happen very fast and easy. The first step is to unlock the domain. Locking a domain is a security feature that stops any transfers and when unlocked requires about 24 hours to start a transfer. The idea is to alert you when your domain registration is unlocked and give you enough time to go into your account and secure the domain before it can be transferred out. Basically, it’s a great thing and I highly recommend locking all domains if you are not transferring them in the near future.

Unlock your domain name

Once your domain has been unlocked for 24 hours, you can technically start the transfer. But it’s very important that the email on file with your domain is accessible. So next, before the transfer starts, check the email on file and send it a test email. If you can send and receive emails O.K. to the email on file with the domain account and WHOIS information. You’re ready!

Make sure the email on file with the domain is accessible

Next you’ll need to get the transfer code or EPP code (they’re the same). You get this from the old domain register and they normally email the code to the email on the domain’s WHOIS details. It can take several hours to receive this email. Normally it’s received within ten minutes. Once you get the EPP code, you’re ready to pay for the transfer!

Get the EPP (Transfer) code

It’s time to start the transfer. Go to the new registration service and choose the domain transfer option. For Web Host Pro it’s in the services menu under: Transfer A Domain Name

On that page, you’ll enter the domain to transfer an the EPP code. You’ll then checkout and pay for the domain transfer which adds another year to your registration. Once the new register gets the order, they must submit the details to ICANN to approve it. This will take at least 1-2 days and in some case up to 5 days. Once ICANN approve it, they send you another email to the your email on the domain’s WHOIS. This will ask if you approve it. Once you choose yes, normally from a link in the email. Your part is done! Everything else will be done from the new register and take about 48 hours.

Here’s a helpful video on how to transfer a domain from EZ Domain Name to Web Host Pro. It’s a good example for any domain registration transfer process. EZ Domains

Here’s also a couple page examples where to get an EPP code from popular domain registers:

get epp code at web host pro
get epp code at name cheap
get epp code at godaddy

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