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There’s a lot happening around the web this week.

Google is making more changes to their search and rumors for the core search algorithm to change is spreading. For now though Google has for sure decided to remove expanded ads. As of June 30th no new expanded ads will be available, but existing expanded ads will still run. Advertising “skin lightning” more than other skin color products on Google may not be allowed anymore. Google is allowing Oregon to run sports betting ads on June 15th. You’ll have to be certified by the state though. If you’re out of the US, you may of had a bug rack up your Google ads CPC cost! Make sure and check for that, Google announced the bug has effected a vast amount of people. Google analytics four GA4 has added a consent mode to better channel conversions correctly even with strict privacy settings.

Instagram is adding a new font called Instagram Sans. They’ve been working on it with various specialists for some time. We assume it will be a custom font made just for them. But similar versions will likely be available all over.

Apple said it’s small developers are coming up. With increases of 118% over what small developers did in the app store in 2019.

Marketing tip! Try to make a page people will share and link to on your website. Here’s the top sharable type page ideas:

  • Tools like calculators, templates, and checklists.
  • Opinions about something controversial or niche.
  • Great looking pages. People will share pages that simply look great.
  • Add news about your company or news that might not be common knowledge yet.
  • Tell a store with facts and stats. Yuvai Noah Harari said Human’s think in stories and not facts. I’m sure though a lot of people would disagree with this. But how can you argue it with a name like that.
  • Starting a newsletter? Mail Chimp is still a great option and for free with under 1000 subscribers.

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