What Can You Do With WordPress?


Making your website could seem like a daunting task. You might even believe that only someone with experience in web design or development can accomplish this task. But this isn’t true now that we have access to numerous assistant tools.

For example, WordPress makes it so simple that anyone can effectively develop a distinctive and expert-looking website for their business, blog, or portfolio.

WordPress is a content management system that simplifies developing a website. It employs a variety of automated procedures, allowing even the most inexperienced designers to create something extraordinary in a short period.

According to statistics, WordPress powers more than 43% of all websites. Microsoft News, TechCrunch, TED Blog, and BBC America are some of the best examples. Why, then, has this development platform become so well-known? Here are a few instances of its unique qualities that set it apart from other platforms and tools:

  • A beginner-friendly environment without code
  • Simple-to-use tools and features
  • A fantastic network of user and developer assistance
  • A straightforward design that is simple to understand
  • WordPress hosting is versatile enough to support more experienced producers, even if it was created to assist new site developers.
  • PHP, CSS, and JavaScript allow for complete customization of every part of WordPress. With WordPress as the structure, there is nothing you can’t do if you know what you’re doing.

What can I do with WordPress? Now that you understand why WordPress is an absolute beast in web development, this is a reasonable question.

Things that you can do using WordPress!

There are more than a million ways to utilize WordPress to your advantage, and we have built a complete list of what you can do with this website development platform.

1. Tutor Online Courses

Thanks to the internet, people now find it simpler to pick up new knowledge and skills. After the pandemic, when everyone was forced to stay at home and continue their education, online courses have grown in popularity. You may install useful plugins in addition to the capabilities that WordPress already provides to assist you in creating the website you want.

With the help of online course WordPress plugins, you can design your online course using a drag-and-drop interface. Even administrative tools for managing students and collecting tuition fees are available.

2. Earn a living through E-commerce

While people spent most of their time indoors during the pandemic, WordPress offered individuals a great chance to launch a specialized e-commerce site. With the increase in global retail sales comes an opportunity for you to make some money. So why don’t you start an e-commerce website now?

WooCommerce is one of the best plugins for this kind of use that you can use to monetize your website.

Thanks to this flexible plugin, you can monitor incoming sales, stock levels, and reviews. Payment gateways like PayPal Standard, BACS, and Cash on Delivery are also included with WooCommerce. It also takes care of your shipping requirements.

A forum site is an excellent place to start a community. Forums allow you to answer questions and communicate with your brand’s community in a controlled environment. Here are a few forum plugins that excel in community building.

  • bbPress: WordPress created bbPress to assist you in managing and growing your community all within a WordPress site. It’s easy to set up with a one-click installation.
  • CM Answers: This Q&A discussion board is available in free and paid editions. Some cool features include social login, attachment upload, shortcodes, and connection with WordPress comments.
CM Answer
  • AnsPress: Like CM Answers, this question-and-answer discussion board allows you to vote on questions and answers and modify or report comments. Recent additions include a tags page, a category page, a point system, and a theme override.
  • Forum Engine: This theme’s sleek, minimalist, and responsive design is outstanding, and it can be used as a standalone forum or sub-domain. Apart from looking good, you may follow posts or subjects, log in with social accounts, and receive weekly updates.

More WordPress forum plugins are available here.

4. Collection of websites in one

This function, released in 2010, can transform your website into a network of websites. Your website can be divided into areas such as forums or online shops. Why not have an all-in-one website if you’re having problems deciding on a purpose for your website?

You can select a separate style for each section to distinguish between each page. Making an employee an administrator gives them full power over a specific page on the network, which is another benefit. In essence, you create a business rather than just a website!

5. A convenient website to book tickets or appointments online

You may use WordPress to create a booking system that allows users to book and view availability charts on your website. By using one of the many WordPress booking plugins available, you may automate scheduling appointments to perfection.

You may even collect fees for appointments, which is another potential time-waster when done manually. A decent WordPress booking system gives you complete control over your schedule and makes it much easier to organize your business. You will eliminate the tension of receiving phone calls for appointments in this manner.

If you want to develop a booking system on your website, here is a list of must-have plugins.

  • BirchPress Scheduler: With the help of shortcodes and the premium plugin BirchPress Scheduler, you can easily integrate booking functionality into your pages and posts. Users can check appointment availability on your website and export reservations directly to their current calendars, including Google, iCal, Android, Outlook, and iPhone. The user then has the option to receive email notifications about upcoming sessions.
  • Gravity Forms: Gravity Forms is another excellent method for including a contact form on your website. Because of the plugin’s security and adaptability, you may construct a comprehensive booking solution for site visitors by integrating it with many other applications.
gravity forms
  • Bookly: A feature-rich appointment booking plugin with built-in shopping carts and a WooCommerce connection, Bookly is a premium plugin. You can get a responsive booking system with multilingual support, PayPal connectivity, and adaptable admin settings for a premium price.

Here are more WordPress booking plugins to create appointment based business website.

6. Live chat support for your business

There’s a good probability that you provide customer assistance if you offer any kind of service or product. Real-time support can be quite helpful for closing a deal or keeping the customer on your website because you can respond to their query immediately.

Adding live chat capability to your WordPress website is quite simple. You can quickly and easily add this feature to your website in minutes by utilizing the plugins below.

  • HubSpot Live Chat: With Hubspot’s Live Chat, you can have contextual talk conversations wherever you are, have tailored conversations at scale with chatbots, and chat with visitors and customers in real-time. With this functionality, you can use straightforward chat messaging to increase sales.
hubspot live chat
  • WP Live Chat Support: Small businesses searching for an easy chat solution might consider WP Live Chat Support. There is a good reason why it is one of the most used WordPress chat plugins. The plugin has many fantastic features, like the ability to drag and drop the chat anywhere on your page, the ability to translate text, and six premade live chat box designs.
  • Tidio Live Chat: The plugin enables you to communicate with and chat with every site visitor, and it even supports 140 languages to expand your reach internationally. With Tidio Live Chat, you can add three premade styles to your live chat and alter the color palette. Even connection with Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce, MailChimp, and many more services is possible.
tidio live chat

These are just a few WordPress chat plugins you can use to interact with your customers.

7. Create donation websites for good causes

Perhaps you want a website to promote a good cause rather than your product. You can unite your website’s visitors around a particular product or cause by including links to crowdfunding campaigns.

Crowdfunding is the best way to generate money for a cause you support, and it’s simple to set up on WordPress. Here are some plugins that would assist you in reaching your goal:

  • IgitionDeck: IgnitionDeck provides a distinctive crowdfunding platform with donation features. You can use real-time statistics with the plugin’s beautiful front-end and back-end designs. IgnitionDeck has created Theme 500, a free crowdfunding framework that integrates flawlessly with thousands of WordPress themes.
igition Deck
  • Charitable: You have total control over your WordPress fundraising activities thanks to the Charitable plugin, which offers a toolset. You can encourage your users to support a cause by using the plugin. To customize your crowdfunding needs to existing or new content, you can use PayPal or premium payment add-ons like Stripe or PayFast.
  • WordPress Fundraising: You can use the WPMU DEV fundraising plugin if you sign up for a subscription. Allow people to give a one-time donation or choose regular donations to continue supporting your cause.
WordPress fundraising

Here are more fundraising and donation WordPress plugins ranked and reviewed.

8. Create A Job Board

You might have thought about creating an online job board as a side business, but you decided that data management would be too challenging.

Thankfully, setting up a job board with WordPress is much easier than you might think. You can launch a job board quickly whether you want to design it from scratch or utilize a plugin to make it easier.

Depending on your degree of experience, you’ll need to decide whether to use plugins when building your WordPress job board. You might want to consider developing your board with HTML if you enjoy writing code and have plenty of time to keep your listings updated. However, plugins are the way to go if you’re looking for a quick solution to make a distinctive board.

The plugins that you might want to use are listed below:

  • Simple Job Board: Simple Job Board enables you to integrate a lightweight job board into your website and is available in ten languages. Using a shortcode, you may choose to add multiple job ads and place them on any post or page.
Simple job board
  • WP Job Manager: Using a shortcode, the WP Job Manager listing plugin enables you to integrate a job board into your website. The plugin also supports any theme and offers shortcodes for ajax-powered job listings that can be searched and filtered.
Wp job manager

Alternatively, you can use a ready-made job board WordPress themes that has everything you need wrapped in a beautiful and modern design.

9. Create a Directory Website with Maps

You’ve probably used a directory website before. Yelp, Yellow Pages, and even eBay are a few well-known, typical instances. Making one of these websites could seem a little scary.

However, you might be interested to discover that WordPress makes it simple to construct a directory website. Additionally, this kind of distinctive website has a lot of room for revenue generation. The open-source code base of the platform gives you a lot of alternatives when it comes to creating a directory site.

Adding plugins to WordPress can increase its functionality and create a wealth of new possibilities. Directory-building plugins are no exception and can be utilized for private websites and commercial enterprises. Below, you will see several plugins to help you build a directory website!

  • Sabai Directory: You may create a community-driven local business directory with the premium plugin Sabai Directory. The plugin uses fully dynamic and resizable maps to assist users in finding the resources closest to them. Users can also vote on pictures and reviews to assist others in finding excellent local companies on your website.
sabai directory
  • Geo Directory: Through both free and paid add-ons, Geo Directory enables you to add millions of listings to your blog or website. You’ll be able to quickly design a completely customizable listing that offers an engaging user experience. Since you can completely customize this tool to complement your present site, there is no need to sacrifice design or aesthetics.
Geo directory

An easier alternative to build a directory website is by using directory WordPress themes.

10. A base for all applications

WordPress may be a framework to create web applications on top of its API because it is open source. The REST API makes it possible to integrate WordPress with virtually any framework and coding language, which makes it simpler for developers to create new kinds of apps using WordPress.

Useful features to have with WordPress!

The several types of websites you can build with WordPress are described above, along with some helpful plugins. However, there are other features that you can acquire that will not fall under the “creating a website” classification. Here are some things you may do with this platform other than creating webpages.

1. Security features

Security is a major worry when managing a new website. Even though most individuals know that security should be their first priority, several websites continue to be hacked daily. And by several, we refer to the approximately 30,000 new sites daily. These are also not problematic sites. These are websites from reputable companies.

You should acquire a security plugin like iThemes Security, formerly known as Better WP Security, and make sure your site’s coding is safe and regularly scanned.

Some of these protective features that you can have by using WordPress and its plugins include:

  • User action login
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Import/export settings
  • Ability to protect multiple sites
  • Hide any WordPress security vulnerabilities
  • Ban troublesome users and bots
  • Monitor your site
  • Database backup

2. Shortcodes

Simply put, shortcodes are small pieces of code. They can be added anywhere on your website and are used to replace those lengthy, repeated HTML codes. They are useful when you wish to add a Google AdSense ad or a social media button.

The best thing about using shortcodes is that you may add functionality to particular pages of your website without worrying about making a mistake because you’re not using a lot of HTML or CSS code.

The usage of a plugin is one technique to manage shortcodes. For instance, Ultimate Shortcodes plugin has shortcodes for, to mention a few, social media icons, toggles, and pricing tables.

3. Clone Themes

You can indeed clone themes. The advantages of theme cloning can be utilized while updating an outdated WordPress theme or adding your blog to an already-existing website. Of course, You can use add-ons like ThemeMatcher to accomplish this.

ThemeMatcher is quite simple to use. Simply enter the address you wish to copy into the input field, choose a theme, and ThemeMatcher will handle the rest in seconds. Additionally, there is no need to get anxious over the numerous codes, graphics, and CSS. The plugin repackages this useful data and puts it into a theme file called .zip. Clone a theme or website quickly and affordably with this method.

4. Project management

WordPress may also be used as an editorial and project management tool to make calendars or schedule posts. The SP Project & Document Manager is one of the more outstanding projects and document management plugins. You may share, upload, track, and organize files with your coworkers using this plugin.

Another excellent plugin that simplifies job management is TaskFreak! Thanks to the plugin, you may create tasks, assign them to others, and monitor their progress.

5. An exhibition of your work

What if you’re a craftsperson or photographer who needs to display their work? The use of WordPress as an image gallery is also possible. The WP Modula Gallery Plugin allows you to modify the size, style, transitions, and lightbox effects of a gallery’s images. Slideshows and thumbnail galleries are two more front-end display types offered by the plugin.

Another add-on that gives you the ability to build image galleries is Photo Gallery. This plugin can make galleries, sideshows, compact albums, extended albums, or thumbnails in the blog.

Choose WordPress as your CMS

As you can see, WordPress makes it quite simple to create a variety of things that aren’t simply focused on blogging. As stated in the post, you can even develop tools or update the functionality of an already-existing website.

You don’t even need to understand coding for most of these features. You should be ready to go once you install a few plugins. WordPress is a very appealing option for all levels of technical competence due to its simplicity, open-source nature, and limitless integration options.

Additionally, WordPress becomes even more beneficial for web development as its capabilities expand daily.

Therefore, break free from the tight grip of web development complexities and go into the new world of simple, code-free WordPress websites.

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