G2’s Newest Grid (Re)confirms BetterCloud’s Standing as a SaaS Operations Leader



G2 just released its Fall 2022 Grid Reports and we’re excited to announce that not much has changed. This quarter, BetterCloud was named a Leader in six Grid Reports, which is the same story we told in this blog post (and also this one) in previous quarters.

This is flattering for all the same reasons it has been humbling in the past. These Grid Reports are built based on actual feedback we received from BetterCloud customers on G2’s platform. The fact that we’re back to tell the same story again is even more humbling. Everyone at the company works tirelessly to deliver a consistently best-in-class SaaS management experience for our customers, and these reports validate all of the hard work that goes into doing so. 

These reports also confirm (again!) that BetterCloud is the only solution that can discover, manage, secure, automate, orchestrate and remediate a SaaS environment all within a single platform. Plus there’s a fun bonus: BetterCloud appeared on a brand new Grid Report this time around—and it’s one that you might not have expected to see us on.

Let’s take a closer look at how BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Fall 2022 Grid Reports and what it means for the future of IT.

A new Grid Report enters the conversation 

This might go against conventional wisdom, but we think it’s important to explore one of the Grid Reports on which BetterCloud was named a High Performer and not a Leader.

Below, you’ll see the first iteration of G2’s Grid® for Sensitive Data Discovery Software. Take a quick look and then we’ll regroup for a quick conversation about why we’re thrilled about our appearance here.

OK, what’s going on here? The obvious thing, as we’ve already unpacked, is that BetterCloud customers rated us as a High Performer in this category. But take a closer look at the company we’re keeping in this Grid Report. You’ll see companies such as Egnyte and Securiti in the Leaders portion of the grid, both of whom focus primarily on securing sensitive data. You’ll also notice that BetterCloud is the only SaaS management platform anywhere on this report.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sensitive Data Discovery category, a product must:

  • Provide automated data discovery tools
  • Monitor data stores in real-time to search for newly created sensitive data
  • Offer contextual search functions to understand factors such as file type, sensitivity, user type, location, and other metadata
  • Facilitate compliance and enable adherence to common industry regulatory standards (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO, and others)

It’s no secret that file and data security has emerged as one of the top priorities (and challenges) for IT leaders at companies of all sizes. Our position on the new Grid® for Sensitive Data Discovery Software confirms (again) the growing need for the right tooling to discover, manage, and secure a SaaS portfolio—and that (once again), BetterCloud is the best platform for doing so from one platform.

How BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Fall 2022 Grid Reports

Before we explore what’s changed in the time since we last announced our positions on G2’s Grid Reports, let’s take another look at what has stayed the same. 

Even though much of what’s in the table below might not be breaking news, that’s what’s so striking. Once again, our customers have told the market that they believe BetterCloud empowers their teams to discover, manage, and secure a cloud-first environment today and years into the future.

OK, so what’s that feedback? Here’s how we rated across several of G2’s Grid Reports this quarter:

Grid ReportRankingEnterprise Grid Report for Data Security SoftwareLeaderGrid® for User Provisioning and Governance ToolsLeaderGrid® for Cloud Security SoftwareLeaderGrid® for SaaS Operations Management SoftwareLeaderGrid® for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SoftwareLeaderGrid® for Cloud File Security SoftwareLeaderGrid® for Sensitive Data Discovery SoftwareHigh Performer

Additionally, let’s take another look at the SaaS Operations Management Software Grid, where you’ll see that BetterCloud outpaces the competition by a wide margin.

Want to learn more about why BetterCloud ranks so highly across all of these G2 Grid Reports? Click here to schedule a demo.


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