MariaDB Upgrade – What You Need To Know


GreenGeeks is updating the MariaDB database management system from version 10.3 to 10.5 across our Shared and Reseller platform.

This database server upgrade is necessary to ensure the continued stability and security of the GreenGeeks network and your hosting account.

What will the upgrade process entail?

The MariaDB upgrade process will upgrade all instances of MariaDB on our network from version 10.3 to 10.5.

This update includes required security updates and releases necessary for the security and stability of databases.

How long will the upgrade process take?

We expect the software upgrade to be no more than 20 minutes per server.

During the upgrade period, the MariaDB/MySQL server will be inaccessible to ensure the continuity of the data.

Since the upgrade is at the server level, there won’t be any alternations to your existing databases or the data contained within.

When will the upgrade be complete?

All servers are scheduled to be upgraded by December 26, 2022.

Are there any significant changes from MariaDB 10.3 to 10.5?

MariaDB 10.5 includes some significant enhancements, including the addition of the ColumnStore storage engine and upgrades to overall InnoDB performance.

The majority of these changes are at the back-end server level and will not impact end-user websites.

More information on the new features, along with other changes and improvements, for MariaDB 10.5 can be on the MariaDB website.

MariaDB 10.4 ChangesMariaDB 10.5 Changes

How do I check the MySQL/MariaDB version?

To see the current MySQL/MariaDB version, access the Server Information page under the General Information section of your GreenGeeks cPanel.

The version information will be displayed next to the line for MySQL Version.

Can I opt out of this upgrade or request a specific MariaDB version?

Unfortunately not; unlike PHP versions, the MariaDB/MySQL version is a globally shared resource at the server level, and we cannot run different versions for each hosting account.

If you require a specific MariaDB or MySQL version for your websites, we invite you to consider the GreenGeeks Managed VPS platform. With a GreenGeeks Managed VPS, you have full administrative access to control your server to suit your needs, including custom MariaDB/MySQL versions and other software options otherwise unavailable in a shared environment.

Our Support team can assist with any questions about upgrading to a Managed VPS.

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